HOLY WOW! Black Voters Blast Sanctuary City Policies [Video]

[VIDEO] As you may know by now, the Sanctuary City law is not very popular in Santa Clarita, California. There has been a pushback so hard that the City has divorced itself from that State bill. The city will NOT comply with Governor Moonbeam Brown’s dictates. What you may not have seen is this impassioned video of the opposition to the sanctuary idea. 

As Written and Reported By Paul Bois for the Daily Wire:

Black voters in Santa Clarita, California took their MAGA energy to the city council to voice their disdain for California effectively becoming a sanctuary state.

According to sanctuary policies, police cannot inquire about an individual’s legal status even after arresting them for having committed a crime.

“Americans are dreamers too. We’re paying for welfare, for section 8, you costing us our jobs. We’re paying for you,” a woman in a MAGA hat says in the video. “Respect Americans. This is America! This is our home and this is our country.”

The people were speaking against Senate Bill 54, which “blocks state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources — whether that be money, properties, equipment or personnel — to help with federal immigration enforcement,” according to Fox News. It also blocks state and local police from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

The varying individuals speaking out against SB 54 shared a plethora of differing viewpoints on the bill. One man spoke about the importance of the rule of law;


WATCH: Black Voters Blast Sanctuary City Policies In California | Daily Wire


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