Horowitz Rips Shepard Smith a New One!

David Horowitz appeared with host Miranda Kahn on Newsmax TV and takes on FOX News host Sheppard Smith. Mr. Smith in this clip basically says that Donald Trump does nothing but lie. You can watch Smith in his unhinged rant. David Horowitz addresses the blatant hypocrisy and calls it like he sees it. Watch the video.


As Written by, Reported and seen first on Newsmax:

Shepard Smith’s rant against President Donald Trump on Fox News has discredited him as a journalist, noted conservative and bestselling author David Horowitz told Newsmax TV.

“This is ridiculous, this is Shep Smith discrediting himself, delegitimizing himself, and showing that he’s no journalist,” Horowitz, author of “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America” told host Miranda Khan on Monday’s “America Talks Live.

“People like Shep Smith are gunning for Trump. I watch Fox, I didn’t see Shep Smith going out and saying that about Hillary Clinton, when we know she lied to the FBI, she lied to the Congress, she lied to the American people, she lied to the mother of the Benghazi victim, over his coffin.”


David Horowitz Rips Shep Smith’s Trump Trash Talk

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