Horrific Gun Control Fail

The slaughter in Egypt is an object lesson in why gun control only controls those who are law abiding. The attack, by what appears to be ISIS, on an Egyptian mosque left 235 dead and many wounded. The terrorists were organized and set up a kill box for the slaughter of innocents.

Since the revolution in Egypt, the gun laws have been restrictive. The use of fully automatic weapons is banned. That was the weapon of choice for the terrorists. The adage that if weapons are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns still rings true. The mainstream media and liberals are very quiet right now. Where is their usual outcry?

As Written By Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire:

Islamic terrorists ruthlessly murdered at least 235 Egyptians at a mosque on Friday when they detonated a bomb which forced mosque-goers to run outside where the terrorists were waiting with automatic rifles.

Terrorists tried to prevent people from fleeing the area by blowing up cars and using them as roadblocks, Sky News reported.

Officials suspect ISIS to be responsible for the attack, which is being billed as the worst attack in the nation’s modern history, as it left at least 235 people dead and over 130 injured, the Daily Mail added.

While nearly every news agency in existence reported on the attack, virtually none of them have reported on the guns used by the terrorists.

However, a local Egyptian news correspondent reported that the terrorists used “automatic rifles,” which are banned in Egypt.



GUN CONTROL FAIL: Terrorists Use BANNED Guns To Murder 235 Egyptians, Media Fails To Report | Daily Wire

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