House Intel Chairman RIPS the DOJ and FBI 

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has ha about all the stonewalling by the FBI and the DOJ that he ever wants to see. He is so pissed that he has given them a final date to produce the information requested or expect contempt of Congress charges to be filed.

The committee is looking into the production and use of the Russian dossier. They want to know how it got vetted and how it got circulated through the media. He said some pretty strong things to them and it is in this report.

As Written and Reported By Naomi Lim for the Washington Examiner:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes on Thursday slammed the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their “failure to fully produce” documents related to the Trump dossier, saying that DOJ and the FBI should investigate themselves.

“Unfortunately, DOJ/FBI’s intransigence with respect to the Aug. 24 subpoenas is part of a broader pattern of behavior that can no longer be tolerated,” Nunes wrote in a scathing letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in which he complained about information and witnesses subpoenaed by his committee earlier in 2017.

“As a result of the numerous delays and discrepancies that have hampered the process of subpoena compliance, the committee no longer credits the representations made by DOJ and/or the FBI regarding these matters,” Nunes added in the letter obtained by Fox News.

Nunes demanded records and available dates for witnesses to testify be given to Congress by Jan. 3., threatening to introduce a contempt of Congress resolution if his request is not met.

The committee is seeking reports regarding meetings between the FBI and confidential human sources about the controversial dossier, as well as testimony from ……


Devin Nunes rips DOJ, FBI for failing to turn over subpoenaed documents and witnesses: Report


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