How a renegade group of conservatives in showbiz beat liberal celebrities at their own political game

If you don’t do anything else with this article, go watch the video again. The message there is great and the humor is sublime. In the light of the outcome of the election, it is even more enjoyable. Then, if you are humored enough, go read what some conservative Hollywood type did to help Donald Trump to victory. You will be happy you did. Restores your faith in America. And we all need some of that.

As Written By Mark Tapson for Truth Revolt:

In a piece titled, “How Conservative Hollywood Worked to Elect Donald Trump,” The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond wrote about the influence of Hollywood conservatives like filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and entertainer Pat Boone on Donald Trump’s election victory last week.

Boone sent out a robocall plea to 3 million registered voters just before the election, actor Jon Voight promoted Trump on conservative talk radio across the country, and 1970s TV star Scott Baio and soap star Antonio Sabato Jr. spoke at the Republican National Convention.

Ann Coulter met with a dozen filmmakers and TV executives as well as with celebrities like Clint Eastwood during the primary season to convince them to support Trump.

Trump himself met with Hollywood conservatives and later told THR‘s Bond that his support in Hollywood was greater than most people realized.

As for Hillary Clinton’s celebrity supporters, they did more harm than good by coming out in such pushy support for her while smearing Trump supporters as bigots.

“The vote for Trump was partially anti-media and anti-Hollywood,” says …

Full Story Here:

How Conservative Hollywood Helped Elect Trump | Truth Revolt

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