How America was Disarmed by Obama

In the worst scenario for a military, giving up without a fight has to be at the top of the list. Congress, in collusion with one man, President Obama, is in the process of making our Armed Forces so ineffective and incapable as to be literally disarmed. Using the power of the budget and the liberal mantra, the military has been stripped of its world power status. The Navy has too few ships to meet a two ocean commitment. The Marine Corps and Air Force are scavenging parts off of museum planes to keep something in the air. The Army is down sizing to garrison duty only. Our adversaries see this and are emboldened. Unless this is turned around, you will not like the long range outcome.



As Written By Ginni Thomas, The Daily Caller:

Russian and Chinese militaries are increasingly trying to bully American forces because they are “taking advantage of our weakness” and “publicly humiliating us,” according to a respected retired Air Force general and Fox News military analyst.

“It’s a slap in the face” to the United States, Retired General Tom McInerney says, and President Barack Obama “should not accept that kind of behavior.”

The president “unilaterally disarmed America,” adding “we have all these social experiments,” according to McInerney’s 18-minute exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation. By transforming America’s foreign policy, McInerney says Obama’s America is known as a nation that will “protect your enemies and deny your allies support.”

Running through the world’s hot spots accentuated by Obama’s failed foreign policy, McInerney says he is “very worried” that Israel has not gotten the weapons and protection it needs from the United States for its survival.


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