How Chuck Schumer played racist card to get a foothold in politics

Senator Chuck Schumer has been real quick to play the racist card in his trip trough politics. He has been absolutely heavy handed using it against any Trump nominee or Trump proposal. Have you heard the story about how he got his start in politics? Would you believe it from an eyewitness? Here is the story. Be amazed.

As Written By Jay D. Homnick for American Spectator:

Charles Schumer trying to tar Samuel Alito as a racist because of membership in some club? Don’t make me laugh. The fact is that Charles Schumer came to power as a New York State Assemblyman in 1974 by virtue of an overtly racist scheme that he created and sold to a naive neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. He convinced them that he would use his power to rid their area of black people. And who is my source for this serious accusation? Me.

Yes, me. I was there.

“My sin I recall today…” It has been my decision, a very conflicted one to be sure, not to publish this information these past many years. My silence was motivated by my loyalty to my former neighbors, who went along with this nefarious stratagem. In the end, the plan did not come to fruition, either because Schumer tried unsuccessfully, or because the whole thing was a con on his part to gull gullible voters. A skilled researcher might do well to check the Assembly archives to see if he actually laid the groundwork for the plan.

Here is the background. The Flatbush section of Brooklyn includes a subsection known as Midwood. This stretches from E. 1st Street on the west to E. 35th Street on the east, from a southernmost point at Ave. U to Ave. H on the north. This entire segment is populated by whites, mostly Italians and Jews, with a recent influx of Slavic immigrants. Right smack dab in the middle of this box is a series of apartment houses on Avenue K, from E. 12th to E. 15th Street, whose tenants are almost 100% black……..


Race to the Top | The American Spectator

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