How Did Karen Handel Win Georgia 6th District? You will never believe this

Karen Handel’s path to victory for the Georgia 6th District is considered by-and-large a crushing defeat for Liberals. This, along with a few other special elections, was essentially used to determine the power of Democrats vs Republicans after Donald Trump won the presidency last year.

MILLIONS of dollars was spent on both sides but none, more so, than Jon Ossoff who received a bulk of his donations from out-of-state liberals.

So just how did Handel win the race for the 6th district? Well…

As written for The Atlanta Journal & Constitution by By Greg Bluestein:

Handel staved off what would have been an embarrassing upset by Democrat Jon Ossoff by consolidating the conservative vote and cutting his margins in north DeKalb County and Sandy Springs, where she sliced deeply into his margins from the last round of voting.

For all the national attention and record-setting spending in the race, Ossoff managed almost the exact vote total he notched in the April 18 special election, when he got 48 percent of the ballots cast. Some $50 million was spent on the race, a four-point victory by Handel that was wider than polls predicted.

And she overcame Ossoff’s vaunted ground game — a legion of volunteers and staffers who knocked on tens of thousands of doors — with the help of Republican allies who drove voters to the polls long before Tuesday’s vote. Ossoff easily won the early vote in April; he only narrowly carried it in Tuesday’s runoff.

Handel racked up nearly 60 percent of the vote in conservative east Cobb and held Ossoff to less than 60 percent in DeKalb, the bluest part of the territory. She easily held Fulton County — the most populous area in the 6th — and slashed into precincts along the Ga. 400 corridor that Ossoff needed to win by big margins.

An eye-popping overall turnout of about 260,000 — far surpassing previous special elections — buoyed her campaign, partly because there are more conservatives in the district than liberals. The torrential rain that drenched parts of the district Tuesday didn’t seem to dampen voter participation.


How Handel won Georgia’s 6th District race

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