How Did The Drive By Media Miss This? Obama’s fragile ego just took another hit!

Obama’s fragile ego just took another hit. Forbes Magazine released its 2nd annual list of 50 Greatest Leaders and the President didn’t make the cut. You’d think that running the only superpower on the globe and being the leader of the free world would get you on the list by default, but apparently not. This is clearly a testament to how absolutely terrible Obama is at being President.

This year’s list seems to focus less on elected leaders and more on people that Forbes feels innovate, motivate, and generally get things done. Yet another reason why Obama was snubbed. One through five are: Apple CEO Tim Cook, President of the European Central bank Mario Draghi, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Pope Francis, and Indian PM Narendra Modi.

After this, this list gets pretty hilarious just because of who made it instead of Obama. At #6 is Taylor Swift. No really, a pseudo-country pop star bested the President of the United States because as Forbes says she is “savvy” and “shrewd.” Well, I guess she has Obama beat there.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz came in at #17. You remember him, right? He’s the guy that thought it would be a good idea for his employees to harass customers about racism only to pull back a week later. Even with his poor judgment, he’s still a better leader than Obama.

Obama Fails To Make Forbes’ 50 Greatest Leaders List – Downtrend.


Obama’s fragile ego just took another hit

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