How Does Billionaire Paul Singer fit in the Trump Dossier Narrative?

By now you must know that billionaire Paul Singer is a key contributor to the Washington Free Beacon and as such gets a little tarnished by the WFB‘s dallying in candidate “research.” That is the bad news.

The good news is that at no time has the Beacon or Paul Singer been involved with the Russian dossier story. The credit for that research (hit piece) goes straight to the Clinton campaign. They hired Fusion GPS, after the fact, to go dig up dirt on the President. What they bought was a bunch of unsubstantiated lies from a disreputable British agent. Here is the story.

As Written by Ian Mason for Breitbart: 

GOP establishment billionaire Paul Singer, the top funder of theWashington Free Beacon, has a long history of support for the GOP establishment over economic nationalists and conservatives–including backing open borders, pro-amnesty efforts.

Late Friday, Singer’s Washington Free Beacon came clean as the original funding source for Fusion GPS’s research against now-President Donald Trump. Fusion GPS research was later funded by Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign, and created the now-infamous fake news dossier against Trump, but the efforts originally lay with Singer.

Multiple outlets reported Friday night that lawyers for the Free Beacon had just informed the House Intelligence Committee that their outfit was the first to engage Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research against then-candidate Trump. The neoconservative media outlet emphasized in a statement that this engagement involved all of the GOP candidates for president – not merely Trump – and never involved Russia or dubious former intelligence asset Christopher Steele, before the project was dropped and taken over by Hillary for American and the Democratic National Committee in the Spring of 2016 through potentially illegal payments made through law firm Perkins Coie.

When news of the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign’s involvement in……


Anti-Trump Dossier Original Funder Paul Singer an Open Borders Establishment Republican Billionaire – Breitbart

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