How Republicans Can Beat Hillary Instead of Beating Themselves

This is great advise. It reminds me of how Ronald Reagan campaigned and carried himself.  If you can get me a candidate doing these things, I would personally carry his/her campaign sign on the square.

How Republicans Can Beat Hillary Instead of Beating Themselves:

Patriot Update by David L. Goetsch

Republican presidential candidates have an unfortunate habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Rather than focus on the failures of Democrats they typically spend all of their time, money, and effort attacking and undermining their Republican opponents in the primaries. When going after each other, Republican candidates for president can be vicious. But once they win the nomination they quickly make the transformation from political warrior into something resembling a tongue-tied version of Ferdinand the Bull. It’s as if Republican candidates for the presidency suddenly develop a phobia of offending their Democratic opponent.

This post-nomination meltdown of Republican candidates is unfortunate because running for president is like having a knife fight in a phone booth—you had better bring a sharp knife and know how to use it. Not only did Mitt Romney give Barack Obama pass after pass during their one-sided knife fights, he gave Obama his knife. At some point Romney decided his job was not to win the election. Rather it was to avoid offending people who would not have voted for him if he paid them. As a result, America has suffered through two terms of a president who doesn’t even like America, much less love it. Ignoring the fact that he is a black president who was elected twice primarily by white voters, Barack Obama views Americans as unapologetic racists and bigots. Interestingly, he has nothing negative to say about the violent criminals who looted, burned, and pillaged Ferguson and Baltimore. Apparently the president thinks their behavior is acceptable.

Republicans are good at beating each other in the primaries, but when it comes to beating the Democratic nominee for president they are hapless amateurs. To turn this unfortunate situation around and finally win a presidential election, each individual Republican candidate should consider adopting the following tactics:


How Republicans Can Beat Hillary Instead of Beating Themselves

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