HUD Secretary Ben Carson CAVES on horrible Obama policy?

So just what is HUD Secretary Ben Carson thinking about and what is this Obama era Executive Order that is is doing nothing about? The Executive order created the Affirmative Further Fair Housing which is an attempt to expand the inner city population into the suburbs. Here is what former Congressman Allen B. West has to say on this subject.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I know the topic du jour right now may be President Trump’s decision to not allow individuals suffering from gender dysphoria into the military.

Let’s just be honest, should the U.S. military — actually American taxpayers — fund elective surgeries for women who want breast enhancement? Or how about when a troop doesn’t pass the weight test, should the military provide weight loss or bariatric surgery treatments?

When a recruit seeks to come into the military and has flat feet — well, should the taxpayer correct that? What mental conditions are acceptable, which are not, and who makes that determination? President Trump’s decision wasn’t mean or hateful, albeit the progressive socialist radical LGBT community will portray it so. If your “pursuit of happiness” is that you reject the gender with which you were born, that’s an individual decision. It’s not incumbent upon others to facilitate your personal decision…certainly not pay for your personal choice. End of story, class.

Now, there’s a bigger issue that should concern us right now which can have lasting effect on our elections.

As we know, every ten years by the Constitution, there’s a requirement for a census to be taken. And in the year following the census, there’s what we’ve come to know as “gerrymandering” — the actual procedure is known as “redistricting.” This is a hot button issue, as it has direct impact on the apportionment of seats, congressional districts, and other local districts, in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Currently there’s a debate in America as to whether congressional districts should be based on the number of American citizens or just population. You can begin to see why the issue of sanctuary cities and counties becomes rather interesting. If the drawing of a district is based on general population, not American citizens, that can skew the representation.

But, the Obama administration, through former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro, sought to circumvent the redistricting process via executive action. And it’s another of those Obama progressive socialist endeavors that needs to be rescinded…but it appears the current Secretary of HUD, Dr. Ben Carson will not.

As reported by the Conservative Review“We are seeing a growing pattern from the Trump administration. Key campaign promises get modified and then ignored. From building the wall, decreasing low-skilled guest worker programs, ending Obama’s amnesty, and repealing Obamacare to moving the Jerusalem embassy and eliminating the Iran deal, many key campaign promises have either been stalled indefinitely or completely abandoned.”

The latest example is HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s unwillingness to rescind Obama’s war on the suburbs through his de facto national zoning board. In 2015, Obama’s HUD created the Affirmative Further Fair Housing (AFFH), an ad hoc federal gerrymander to force local governments to impose low-income housing in areas HUD targets for social engineering. To further the socially engineered outcome without the consent of the local populace, the program funnels funds to left-wing community organizing groups to transfer people from the inner city into suburban neighborhoods.

This is social transformation without representation at its worst. It violates federalism, property rights, and the true ideals of equal opportunity expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Under the AFFH, HUD uses a demographic mapping tool to unilaterally decide that not enough individuals from a given race or ethnicity live in a particular jurisdiction. Then, in order to leverage the local government to “identify significant determinants that influence or contribute to those issues, and set forth fair housing priorities and goals to address fair housing issues and determinants,” HUD threatens to withhold community development block grants.”

What the Obama administration sought to do through executive action is to create a policy under the Fair Housing Act that would force racial balancing in suburban areas. And why is that important? You can answer that easily: it’s to extend the urban centers, which are overwhelmingly Democrat, into the suburban areas, which tend to lean Republican.

In other words, Obama and Castro sought to use social engineering for a political gain. And any community refusing to acquiesce will see community development block grants blocked or denied. This is yet another form of coercion and intimidation to further progressive socialist agendas. So, what is so difficult to understand about this HUD policy, and why not rescind it?

Dr. Ben Carson, the current HUD Secretary, has stated, “his agency will “reinterpret” the landmark Obama housing rule meant to address housing discrimination, a regulation that conservatives have criticized as tantamount to a national zoning board.” 

“Do I believe in fair housing? Of course, I believe in fair housing,” Carson told the Washington Examiner in a Wednesday interview. But he said he doesn’t believe in “extra manipulation and cost.” “So we just have to reinterpret it, that’s all,” he said. 

The rule in question is the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, which was finalized in 2015. It is meant to implement part of the civil rights-era Fair Housing Act by requiring local governments to spell out plans for reducing segregation or risk eventually losing out on federal bock grants. On Monday, a group of Republican members of Congress led by Utah Sen. Mike Lee called on Carson to rescind the rule. Carson, who had criticized the rule as a doomed-to-fail attempt to “legislate racial equality” in 2015, indicated that he would not totally reverse it. He cited a 2015 Supreme Court decision finding that housing policies with disparate impact on black families violated the law, even in the absence of intent to discriminate. 

“I probably am not going to mess with something the Supreme Court has weighed in on,” Carson said. “In terms of interpreting what it means — that’s where the concentration is going to be.” However, Carson didn’t say how he ………


Ben Carson CAVES on horrible Obama policy; conservatives FUMING – Allen B. West –

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