HuffPo Writer Wildly Asserts Federal Courts Could Do What??

The Huffington Post writer, Alex Mojaher, has lost touch with the Constitution as well as reality. In a mind-numbing twist to the facts, he asserts that the Federal courts can “install” Hillary Clinton based on the Russian hacking accusations. It is wishful thinking on Alex’s part as there is no basis for his fanciful wish. You can read the details of his illogic here.

As Written By Rusty Weiss for Mental Recession:

The courts could legally “install” Hillary Clinton as president instead of Donald Trump, because of Russia’s alleged interference in the election, The Huffington Post asserted in a story Friday.

Seizing on a breaking report that the CIA has concluded Russia worked covertly to help Trump win the election, Alex Mojaher writes in HuffPo the findings could be enough for a federal court to “invalidate” Trump’s win. “Russian Interference Could Give Courts Legal Authority To Install Clinton,” the headline reads.

“The development has Clinton supporters and other concerned Americans confused and hot in pursuit of potential remedies,” Mojaher writes. “No clear constitutional remedy exists to halt the certification of the outcome.”

But he then goes on to assert that a 1993 state senate election result reversed by the courts due to voter fraud provides precedent for turning the White House over to Clinton. The court invalidated the Pennsylvania result after two elected officials testified under oath they knew voter fraud was happening and intentionally did nothing and even tried to bury the story. That, according to ….

Full story Here:

HuffPo Wildly Asserts Federal Courts Could ‘Install’ Clinton As President

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