What is good for the Navy is good for the nation

The United States Navy has been tasked to increase the size of the fleet. That will mean more ships and more Sailors. It will also mean more work for shipyards and more shipyard workers. The economy will get a big shot in the arm from all this. It is more than building ships. Ships need regular maintenance and all kinds of repairs. As the Navy gets better, so will the economy.

As Written By Barnini Chakraborty for Fox News:

Driving down the bucolic back roads of Maine, it’s hard not to get swept up in the scenic beauty: jagged seacoasts, landmark lighthouses and quaint shops all stud the area. But as the small town of Kittery comes into view, the mood shifts from a laid-back beachy vibe to a fast-paced military operation.

As tensions continue to escalate between the United States, North Korea and Iran over nuclear capabilities and intentions, thousands of civilians and Navy personnel at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard are hard at work overhauling, repairing and modernizing U.S. submarines that could one day be sent into battle.

The shipyard is always busy – and one of four Navy-owned and operated in the U.S. that is currently ramping up its work – courtesy of the Trump administration. Employees are tasked with making sure subs are warfighter-ready – and have no room for error.

The Navy recently got the go-ahead to expand its current fleet of 275 deployable ships to 355 over the next decade. The order means thousands of U.S. jobs are up for grabs now in Kittery, as well as at the Navy’s shipyards in Bremerton, Wash., Norfolk, Va., and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The submarines they will make are the ultimate self-contained war machines, but the process of building them carries economic benefits out to surrounding communities like concentric waves.

When the shipyard does well, the community does well.

“The economic impact is huge,” John Joyal, chairman of the Seacoast……


Huge investment in Navy shipyards drive economic turnaround | Fox News

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