Hundreds of Airport Security Badges Missing!

Tonight The Blaze has reported that one of America’s busiest airports is missing hundreds of security badges!

More than 1,400 airport security badges have gone missing from the nation’s busiest airport over the past two years, according to an investigation by KXAS-TV, but a Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport representative said they don’t pose any serious security risk.

“Badges are deactivated as soon as they are reported lost or stolen. Secured areas of the airport can only be accessed with a valid badge and PIN, and each badge has a photo of the employee on it,” said Reese McCranie, the Atlanta airport’s director of communications. “Due to these safeguards, we do not believe that lost or stolen badges pose a significant security threat to the airport.”


Hundreds of Security Badges Have Gone Missing From America’s Busiest Airport |


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