HYSTERICAL! AIPAC Crowd Cheers Amb. Rice for policies she opposes

This is absolutely hysterical!!!! As reported below by Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit

She deserved this. (H/T The Gateway Pundit)

The AIPAC crowd dissed Susan Rice by cheering wildly during her speech for policies she opposes.

Susan Rice says,

“I know that some of you will be urging Congress to insist Iran forego it’s domestic enrichment capacity entirely…”

To which the crowd cheers wildly and gives a standing ovation before she has a chance to finish the thought. This was definitely not the effect she wanted by the look on her face. The crowd gives very little applause when she finishes the sentence with her “but…”.

It was not one of the Obama regime’s finest moments.



AIPAC Crowd Cheers Amb. Rice

Susan Rice


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