If You Don’t Know The Name Peter Strzok, You Certainly Will Now!

The more that you hear the name of FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the more you realize that there is a political problem existing within the FBI. Has this political bias been in the FBI very long? Is this a product of eight years of the Obama administration? 

What was Peter Strzok’s involvement in taking the Steele Russian dossier to the FISA court? How was it presented in order to get the unmasking of various Trump staff? These and a lot of other questions need to be answered.

As Written By Melissa Mackenzie for the American Specatator:

A couple of questions regarding FBI super agent Peter Strzok:

  1. Did Peter Strzok receive the Steele Dossier from Hillary Clinton on July 4th when he interviewed her?
  2. If Hillary didn’t give Strzok the dossier, who did?
  3. Did Peter Strzok put together the FISA Court material, which included the Steele Dossier?
  4. Did Peter Strzok go to the FISA Court and ask for the surveillance of the Trump team based on the Steele Dossier?
  5. Did James Comey assign Peter Strzok to the Clinton email case?
  6. Did James Comey assign Peter Strzok to the Trump surveillance case?
  7. Did James Comey know that Peter Strzok was compromised when he sent him to interview Michael Flynn (where surveillance was used to interview him based on the Steele Dossier that was presented to the FISA Court that Strzok put together?)

(Strzok is married to an Obama appointee to the SEC, by the way.)

He rightly notes that all the facts need to come out and says that all the people who he’s talked to say that Strzok is a good agent.

Via Powerline Blog, this video and commentary about Jim Jordan who questioned the FBI director…….


Did Peter Strzok Present the Steele Dossier to the FISA Court? | The American Spectator

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