If You Weren’t Paying Close Enough Attention To Russiagate-Intelgate Before, You Will Now

We seem to be in a new age “Cold War” that’s mildly reminiscent of times past but the speculation is who brought the Russians into it? The GOP? Trump? The Democrats? As we uncover more information more and more information seems to point toward the DNC, either wholly or partly.

And what’s the real issue? Getting Russia involved (or at the very least making it seem like it) or the release of vital intelligence against The United States. And with the revelation of the Nunes memo, all eyes are currently on the Democrats as we eagerly await the release of their own memo.

As Written and Reported By Stephen F. Cohen for The Nation:

The publication of the Republican House Committee memo and reports of other documents increasingly suggest not only a “Russiagate” without Russia but also something darker: The “collusion” may not have been in the White House or the Kremlin.

Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian Studies and Politics at NYU and Princeton, and John Batchelor continue their (usually) weekly discussions of the new US-Russian Cold War. (Previous installments, now in their fourth year, are at TheNation.com.)

Cohen first raised the question of “Intelgate,” perhaps coining the word, in the first half of 2017. He returns to it here.

Referring to the memo whose preparation was overseen by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes and whose release was authorized by President Trump, and to similar reports likely to come, Cohen, having for years researched Soviet-era archive materials (once highly classified), understands the difficulties involved in summarizing such secret documents, especially when they have been generated by intelligence agencies. They must be put in the larger political context of the time, which can be fully understood only by using other sources as well, including open ones; and they may be contradicted by other classified materials not yet available.

Nonetheless, the “Republican memo,” as it has become known while we await its Democratic counterpart, indicates that some kind of operation against presidential candidate and then President Trump, an “investigation,” has been under way among top officials of US intelligence agencies for a long time. The memo focuses on questionable methods used…..


Russiagate or Intelgate? | The Nation


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