IMPORTANT! The Only Way to Keep the Internet Free

President Obama has completed the internet giveaway to ICANN. This is the body that assigns each and every web address that every was or will be. This will now will be in the hands of 150+ nations and we get only 1 vote. What will happen when this group votes down a United States request for a military website address? See where this goes?  What is to be done?

As Written By Betsy McCaughey for The New York Post:

In yet another blow to US global leadership, the Obama administration is abdicating control of the Internet.

Countries that loathe freedom will gain more influence over what you’re able to see on the Web. Wake up, America: You’ve had unlimited access to information, but you could lose it.

The United States started the Internet and served as its guardian for many years, assuring that virtually any person or group, no matter how controversial, could add a Web site to the worldwide network. But on Oct. 1, the Obama administration surrendered US oversight to a multinational organization, ICANN — the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

ICANN will have sole power to grant Web addresses — or deny them, essentially banning sites from the Internet. If a site doesn’t have an address from ICANN, you won’t be able to find it.

Where are our presidential candidates on this? Donald Trump is warning that Obama’s policy threatens our freedom of expression and our national security. Hillary Clinton is falling in line with President Obama, just as she did with the …..

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The only way to keep the Internet free | New York Post

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