In God We Trust will not be allowed in this classroom any longer

In God We Trust will not be allowed in this classroom any longer. It only takes offending just one atheist and the rights and sensibilities of all God-fearing patriots can be denied. It makes you wonder how these atheists can even handle our monetary system. Is there someone that can come to the aid of the rest of us and defend our national heritage. There is no guarantee in the Constitution for the freedom from being offended. 

As Written and Reported by Todd Starnes for Fox News:

A Wisconsin fourth grade school teacher removed “Christian symbolism” from her classroom after an atheist parent complained.

Among the items that were taken down at Roosevelt Elementary School – a cross, a poster listing “virtues and vices” and a poster that read, “In God We Trust” and a picture frame that included the American flag and the words “God Bless America.”

Yes, good readers – an atheist was apparently triggered by the words “God Bless America” and suffered a near-catastrophic microagression.

Television station WTMJ reports that parent Rob Moore was “infuriated” and “fuming” over the classroom decorations.

Moore is president of a Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter – a notorious group of atheists, agnostics and freethinkers that bully school districts. They are determined to eradicate Christianity from the public market place.

“There is an undeniable Christian theme in (the) classroom decorations and instruction,” Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Ryan Jayne wrote in a letter to the school ….


“In God We Trust” Removed From Classroom After Atheist Parent Complains | Todd Starnes

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