Infamous Democrat IT staffers held Woman Captive?

The notorious Democrat IT staffers, the brothers, who were hired by Debbie Washerman Schultz to maintain the House Democrat servers, are now in deeper trouble. They are now accused of holding their stepmother hostage while their father died. It appears the brothers hatched some sort of plot to see that they, and not she, received the inheritance. 

As Written By Luke Rosiak for the Daily Caller:

Congressional staffers allegedly held their stepmother in “captivity” with violent threats in a plan to use her to access money stashed away in the Middle East. The staffers are suspected of using their positions to enrich themselves.

Days before U.S. Capitol Police told House members three Pakistani brothers who ran their computer networks may have stolen congressional data, their stepmother called Fairfax County, Virginia police to say the Democratic staffers were keeping her from her husband’s deathbed.

A relative described the woman’s life as being completely controlled by the brothers for months while they schemed to take their father’s life insurance.

The brothers — who as IT professionals for Congress could read House members’ emails — allegedly used wiretapping devices on their own stepmother and threatened to abduct loved ones in Pakistan if she didn’t give them access to money stowed away in that……


House Democrat Staffers Accused Of Holding Woman ‘In Captivity’ For Cash | The Daily Caller

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