Infrastructure Cyberattacks on the Horizon says CYBERCOM

Infrastructure Cyberattacks are almost a guaranteed event lurking in our future, IF we continue down our current path. What is infrastructure and why is it most important to our present society? First off, the basics, like electrical power, gas, and water are the foudations of civilization as we experience it here in America.  Then add to that the essential commercial infrastructure like phones, stores, banks, and transportation. A hit to any one of these over a wide area can be devastating. 


BY: Bill Gertz at The Washington Times:

CYBERCOM says cyberattacks on infrastructure coming

The commander of the U.S. Cyber Command warned last week that he expects a major cyberattack on critical infrastructure in the United States in the future.

“It is only a matter of the ‘when,’ not the ‘if’ we’re going to see a nation-state, group or actor engage in destructive behavior against critical infrastructure in the United States,” Adm. Mike Rogers, Cyber Command chief and director of the National Security Agency, warned in a speech March 2.

Adm. Rogers’ comments, made during a security conference in San Francisco, came seven weeks after a sophisticated cyberattack on the Ukrainian electrical power grid that disrupted large segments of the country’s power network.

The incident was a “very well-crafted attack,” Adm. Rogers noted, and was focused on disrupting electrical power.

The attackers also monitored how Ukrainian authorities reacted to the attack. “And their strategy also focused on how they could attempt to slow down the [electrical power] restoration process,” he said.

“Seven weeks ago it was the Ukraine. This isn’t the last we’re going to see this, and that worries me,” Adm. Rogers said.

According to a State Department security report, the Dec. 23 incident in western Ukraine caused a power loss for 200,000 homes and businesses for six hours. “The outage was the result of a cyber attack against the networks of the local power company, marking the first blackout to be caused by malicious software,” the report said.


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