Internet Giants Declare War on Conservatives?

When conservatives log on to their Facebook app in the morning, their newsfeed is going to look a lot different. Those pages that you depend on to pop up with interesting news articles for you, they may not be there. Instead, it will be just your friends and family. How will you get your news from social media? You will have to go find it. Here is what is going on.

As Written and Reported By Bob Unruh for WND:

Internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube may have, albeit quietly, declared war on conservatives, with new efforts to shut down their ability to get their message out.

And talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh has identified what he believes is the ideology behind it.

“These people are pure – they would never think of themselves this way – but these are pure Stalinists. While they’re running around call[ing] Trump a Stalinist, they don’t even know what it really is,” he charged.

He pointed out that Facebook’s newly announced change in its newsfeed, which aims to give greater visibility to posts from “friends and family,” as Breitbart reported Tuesday, actually does much more.

“The subtext is that it will decrease visibility to pages run by publishers and news sites.”

The bottom line is that “Breitbart News’ 3.7 million Facebook fans will have to manually navigate to our Facebook page in order to find our articles, instead of having them automatically appear in their news feeds. They will not have a choice in the matter: Facebook will not allow users to stick with the old system, even if they prefer it,” he said.

He pointed out the influence of social media platforms such as Facebook.

“Consider this: at the inauguration of President Trump, Fox News’ coverage attracted the most viewers on cable news – an average of 8.8 million. But their Facebook video of the same event attracted almost twice that number: 16 million,” Limbaugh said.

“Facebook now has the power to make or break publishers. If the latest newsfeed change is anything to go by, they’re now keen on breaking them.”

The Breitbart report said that when Facebook previously targeted “individual publishers,” there were…..


Have Web giants declared war on conservatives?

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