Introducing United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Despite all the Democrat anguish and name calling, Jeff Sessions has been confirmed as President Donald Trump’s Attorney General. The dirty politics of delay, insult, lie, and libel did not prevent a good man from getting the confirmation he deserved. We will see what political price the Democrats will be paying when the bill comes due in 2018.

As Written By Katie Frates for the Daily Caller:

The Senate confirmed Sen. Jeff Sessions in a 52-47 vote as the next U.S. attorney general Wednesday night.

Only one Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin, voted yes. Sessions voted present. He is President Donald Trump’s eighth confirmed cabinet nominee.

Sessions faced a grueling confirmation process, thanks primarily to unsubstantiated racist accusations being thrown around by senators like Cory Booker and John Lewis. Booker once praised Sessions for his civil rights work, and Lewis marched with Sessions in Selma, Ala., to honor Martin Luther King Jr


CONFIRMED: Jeff Sessions Is America’s Attorney General | The Daily Caller

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