Investigation in White House Role In FCC’s Aggressive Net Neutrality Plan

by The Daily Caller

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform announced Friday a new investigation to determine what, if any, influence the White House had in shaping the FCC’s aggressive net neutrality proposal unveiled earlier this week.

“[R]eports indicate that views expressed by the White House potentially had an improper influence on the development of the draft Open Internet Order circulated internally at the [FCC Thursday],” Utah Republican and committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz wrote in a letter to Wheeler Friday(RELATED: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Finally Reveals His Net Neutrality Plan)

“I am interested in hearing from the FCC on this matter, in particular how the FCC communicated with the White House and other executive branch agencies.”

Since Wheeler announced his intention to use Communications Act Title II authority to ban paid prioritization, content blocking and traffic throttling for wired and wireless Internet service providers earlier this week, critics and proponents alike have noted its virtually identical resemblance to the net neutrality plan called for by President Obama last November. (RELATED: Obama Announces Support For Net Neutrality)


House To Examine White House Role In FCC Net Neutrality Plan | The Daily Caller.

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