Iran Has MORE American Hostages Oh and About that $400 Million

Iran already has American hostages. It is just a matter of time before ransom is demanded for them. We also know that the four hundred million dollar cash payment to Iran was most obviously meant as a payment for ransom to free the hostages.

Then there is the straight denial from the Obama administration. According to Obama himself and his paidpuppet Earnest, it’s all going to better their currency. We all know that is a huge lie. This country still chants death to America, but we are to believe that money is being used for something above board? Color me skeptical or an alarmist but my money is on what this report by the New York Post editorial board has discovered.

As Written By The NY Post Editorial Board:

Now that we know President Obama paid Iran $1.7 billion — $400 million in cold hard cash loaded on a secret flight — to ransom four American captives, comes an obvious question: What did Tehran do

As Bloomberg’s Eli Lake reported in June, the money — a settlement of Iranian legal claims dating back to 1981 — is going straight to the military.

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies uncovered an item in Iran’s 2017 national budget ordering the Central Bank “to give the money from the legal settlement . . . of up to $1.7 billion to the defense budget” — which then rose 90 percent over the prior year’s.

In other words, the cash is being used to arm Iran’s terrorist clients, like Hezbollah, and to fund its war for Syria’s Bashar al-Assad……

Full Story Continues Here:

How Iran spent its $400M ‘ransom’ windfall | New York Post

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