Iran Threatens U.S. Navy Ships

If you read only what the Iranians are saying, they warned off two United States Navy Ships and compelled them to leave the area. The Iranian Navy was conducting war exercises. It is not clear whether or not our ships were there to observe the exercise. In international waters, things can get a little fuzzy. What you can be sure of is that our Navy would not be chased out of an area. A spokesman for the Navy indicates that our ships continued about their assigned mission. Haze Gray and Underway. 

As Written and Reported By Adam Kredo for the Free Beacon:

Iranian military leaders claimed Monday that they threatened two American-led vessels in international waters amid a series of new war drills being carried out by the Islamic Republic, according to regional reports and U.S. military officials who confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon contact with the Iranian vessels.

As Iran carries out a several days long series of war drills in the Sea of Oman, off the country’s southern border, military leaders claim to have warned off at least two vessels led by U.S. coalition forces in the region.

U.S. military officials confirmed being in contact with Iranian forces, which is just the latest in a series of provocative interactions between the Iranian military and United States.

“One U.S. warship operating in the Gulf of Oman received a transmission from Iranian maritime forces announcing an Iranian exercise,” Cmdr. William Urban, a spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, told the Free Beacon Monday evening.

U.S military officials say the military vessel continued to carry out its mission, despite the Iranian contact and did not alter its course.

“The U.S. warship continued to execute its….


Iran Threatens U.S. Navy Ships Amid Massive War Drills

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