Iranian Boats Directly FIRED SHOTS at Singapore Flagged Oil Tanker (VIDEO)


Five Iranian boats fired shots across the bow of a Singapore-flagged cargo vessel in the international waters of the Gulf on Thursday, CNN reported, citing a U.S. official.

It was unclear if the shots hit the vessel, CNN said. After the shots, the cargo vessel turned to the national waters of the United Arab Emirates, where that country protected it using its coast guard, CNN also said.

There were no U.S. personnel on the vessel, according to CNN. Reuters could not immediately confirm the report, and representatives for the Pentagon could not be immediately reached for comment.

The shots at the Singapore-flagged vessel were fired as U.S. President Barack Obama and leaders from Gulf nations were set to meet at Camp David in a rare, high-profile summit on U.S. efforts to broker a nuclear deal with Iran. The United States and five other world powers are in talks with Tehran to curb its atomic program.


Iranian boats fire shots at Singapore-flagged vessel in Gulf: CNN | Reuters

Oil Tanker Directly Fired Upon by Craft Thought to Be Iranian:

A small craft thought to be Iranian fired on a Singapore-flagged oil products tanker after the ship ignored an order to stop in international waters in the Gulf, the ship?s owner said on Thursday. Owner South Maritime Pte Ltd said in a statement the Singapore-flagged Alpine Eternity was attacked by a number of small craft, “thought to be Iranian”, earlier on Thursday while in international waters off the United Arab Emirates after it had sailed from Bahrain en route to Fujairah. The owner said the vessel safely reached the port of Jebel Ali, adding that there was no serious damage to the vessel and none of the 23 crew members were injured.

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