Iraqi Sheikh, Sunni tribal leader assassinated in Baghdad

Baghdad (AFP) – A Sunni tribal leader, his son and seven bodyguards were killed in Baghdad, a cousin told AFP Saturday, in an attack that could inflame sectarian tension in Iraq.

They were killed late Friday when unidentified gunmen attacked a three-vehicle convoy carrying Janabi and his nephew, lawmaker Zeid al-Janabi, late Friday, officials and security sources said earlier.Sheikh Qassem Sweidan al-Janabi and most of his bodyguards were shot in the head, while son was killed by a bullet to the chest, said Abu Qusay, speaking from the cemetery where they were buried.

Janabi was later released but the tribal leader, seen as a moderate Sunni, as well as his son and at least six other people, mostly bodyguards, were killed, they had said


Iraqi Sunni tribal leader assassinated in Baghdad – Yahoo News.


Iraqi Sheikh, Sunni tribal leader assassinated in Baghdad

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