Is Jiu-Jitsu Part of the Art of the Deal?

The basic idea of jiu-jitsu is to grapple with the larger person and bring that person to the ground and apply choke and joint holds on them. In a sense, that is what President trump has done to the mainstream media. In basketball, it would be called a head fake. Whatever you call it, president Trump is doing it. Here are some brilliant examples.

As Written and Reported by Joseph Smith for the American Thinker:

After a week of Fire and Fury, the president just keeps making the liberal media look stupider and stupider.

Scott Adams argues in Win Bigly that President Trump has “weapons grade” persuasion skills.  In the tumble over Fire and Fury, those skills are on display, as Trump deploys political jiu-jitsu to suck up the “media energy” and turn the tables on his detractors, as described in four columns linked at

James S. Robbins, writing at, says Trump has turned the tables on the “overwrought speculation about the president’s mental fitness”:

Not one to shy away from a fight, President Trump punched back that not only is he a successful chief executive, [but] he’s a “very stable genius” to boot.  Dilbert[-]creator Scott Adams took the matter a step f[a]rther by arguing that proclaiming himself a “very stable genius” or “VSG” was itself a genius Trump move because that will be his “forever name.”  Whether people use the expression VSG admiringly or sarcastically, the words “Trump” and “genius” are going to be kept in close proximity.

When the dust settles, Fire and Fury is forgotten, but Trump remains the very stable genius who beats the media at their own game.

It’s not even a fair fight at times.  Andrew Klavan, at, says “our mainstream journalists are genuinely awful…..


Donald Trump, jiu-jitsu president

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