Is Kevin McCarthy channeling his inner Eric Cantor?

By  (Former CIA Analyst)

Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has emerged as the front-runner to replace Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader. And yet, in many ways, the McCarthy tune seems vaguely familiar.

Excessive campaign spending by Cantor reportedly contributed to his downfall, and his high catering expenditures caught media attention.

Since January, McCarthy – who is not up for re-election in November – has spent almost $50,000 on “catering,” most of it outside his home state of California.

Cantor was slammed for spending $8,900 for private jet services.

In April 2014 alone, McCarthy spent $17,728 for private jet services to Golden State Air Charter.

Then there is immigration.


Steak dinners and immigration: Kevin McCarthy channels Eric Cantor | Communities Digital News.

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