Is The FCC Is On The Verge Of Doing Something REALLY Stupid?

Why would you not be surprised that the FCC is on the verge of doing something else stupid? After all, they are the government and if you want government help real bad, you will get real bad help. In this case, it is how FCC plans to get more broadband into rural America can get all botched up. It is a dry subject, but one that bears a little study. Read this as a primer.

As Written and Reported By Derek Hunter for Townhall:

Admittedly, I am in need of a hobby. I do enjoy collecting baseball cards from the 1950s and older, but that gets pricey so I can’t indulge it often. That leaves the occasional movie when I’m not working, which isn’t often. As such, I find myself traveling down my career’s memory lane when looking for less obvious topics to write about. That leads to places most people would rightly run away from.

I like to keep up with the issues I used to study for a living. There’s always something happening in health policy, or education, or tech. And while those areas certainly aren’t the most exciting areas to dedicate your life to studying (there’s a reason I don’t do those jobs anymore), they are profoundly important. As such, I try to take a dip back in the deeper end of those pools from time to time, just to see what’s going on.

That’s how I came across the story of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and a new development in rural broadband Internet access.

I can feel your eyes rolling into the backs of your heads right about now. It is true that this topic is not going to leave you rolling in the aisles or smiling with glee, but it’s every bit as important as the latest tweet from President Trump. In fact, it has the potential to impact Trump’s most ardent supporters negatively………


The FCC Is On The Verge Of Doing Something Stupid – Derek Hunter

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