GOP ALREADY Backing Down on Blocking Obama SCOTUS Nomination?

Good grief, the Justice of the Supreme Court has not even been deceased a week and the GOP that claimed they would block an Obama nomination is already showing signs of weakening. What in the world is wrong with these people? There is no one on Obama’s short list that is even remotely close to Justice Antonin Scalia. How can they possibly even think about allowing Obama to appoint another leftest liberal Supreme Court Justice? This is not something that can be played around with. Once it’s done, that’s it! C’mon ladies and gents in the Senate, put on your big boy and girl drawers and do this! Block his nomination no matter what!

Here is why they are saying they have to be careful in blocking Obama’s potential nomination.

By Dave Boyer and Stephen Dinan | The Washington Times

Cracks were emerging Tuesday in congressional Republicans’ position of blocking automatically any candidate nominated by President Obama to fill the Supreme Court seat of the late Antonin Scalia.

Sen. Thom Tillis, North Carolina Republican, voiced caution Tuesday about the GOP blocking any Obama nominee without a hearing.


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