Is there a link between Mother Jones reporter, FBI general counsel James Baker, and the dossier leaks?

[VIDEO] Is there a link between Mother Jones reporter David Corn, FBI general counsel James Baker, and the leaks of the Trump-Russian dossier. Mr. Corn does not deny that there is a relationship between him and counsel James Baker. What he does deny is that the Russian dossier was leaked to him by James Baker.

The FBI, in the meantime, is looking closely at this and is continuing to investigate. The infamous dossier was contracted by the Hillary Clinton campaign as a hit piece against Donald Trump. It was ‘leaked’ to the FBI who then used it with the FISA court to begin investigating Donald Trump. 

As Written and Reported By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

Mother Jones reporter David Corn addressed a recent report suggesting that FBI general counsel James Baker may have been a source for a story he wrote about the infamous Trump dossier last year.

In a segment on MSNBC on Saturday, Corn acknowledged that he is social acquaintances with Baker, but he denied that the FBI lawyer was a source for an article he published on Oct. 31, 2016 citing allegations made in the dossier.

“He’s a fellow I know. He’s a social acquaintance, and I do have contact with him,” Corn said of Baker, a longtime associate of former FBI Director James Comey’s.

Baker was reportedly reassigned this week by FBI Director Christopher Wray. He has reportedly been under investigation for leaking. But according to The Washington Post, the leak involves information about surveillance conducted by a telecom company.

But Corn denied an insinuation made in a Politico article that Baker was a source of his for his article about the dossier.

“I gave a statement to Politico, and I said James Baker was not my source for this,” Corn said ……


Mother Jones Reporter Addresses ‘Links&# | The Daily Caller

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