Is There Light At The End Of The Russia Investigation Tunnel? [Video]

It has been noted by some that the Russia meddling in our Presidential election was started by the Obama minions to give the former President, Barack Obama, some cover. The story morphed from there into a collusion story between Donald Trump and the Russians. Julian Assange and Wikileaks got involved with the Clinton campaign emails and bathroom server story. Russians were again the bad boys and gave all this information to the Wikileaks guy.

Now we have this interview with Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr who cannot set a date on when his committee will finish up their investigation and give us some answers. If you read the contents of the interview below and pay attention you come away with some interesting tidbits. As I read it, he does not know who they have interviewed, does not know what they said, and ultimately will not be telling you what the witnesses have said. Sounds like they can draw any conclusion they want.


As Written By Justin Caruso for The Daily Caller:

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr told reporters Wednesday that he “can’t set a date” on when the investigation into Russian interference in the election will be completed.

Sen. Burr said, “I’m confident today that we chose wisely by choosing our professional staff to do this investigation, and not to the talking heads all around the country that suggested we couldn’t do this unless we went out and hired a whole new group.”

“And I think the numbers here reflect that. Ultimately, we look forward to completing our work and presenting our findings to the public. I can’t set a date as to when that will be. Mark [Warner] can’t set a data as to when that can be. We will share about you after we’ve exhausted every thread of intelligence,” he added……..


No Date On Ending Russia Investigation | The Daily Caller

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