President Obama and the Democrat leadership are opposed to the Defense budget for 2017. Truth be told, if the Republicans write it, they will be against it. About 40 Democrats are on board this budget, however. It is an election year, you know. That may make a veto problematic for President Obama. Is it a good bill? No. It kicks the can down the road a little further, and it does not really help the Armed Forces in the long run. The Republican budget robs one account to pay another and then hopes for relief down the road. There has been enough government based on hope. The Obama administration is willing to hold the Defense budget hostage so that they can increase welfare program spending. Unfortunately, it seems as if there is not one politician inside the Beltway that has America’s best interest at heart. 

Debt Supercommittee What Next

As Written By Kristina Wong, The Hill:

House Republicans are urging President Obama to not follow through with a veto threat of a defense policy bill passed Wednesday night with the support of 40 Democrats.

“This bill does a lot of important things to stand up for our troops, and that’s why we call on the president to drop his veto threat and stand with our troops and give them the tools they need to continue fighting in a very dangerous time in our nation’s history,” Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said Thursday at a press conference.

“I’m particularly grateful to the 40 Democrats who voted for the bill in spite of enormous pressure from their leadership not to,” added Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

The bill would authorize $610 billion in Pentagon spending for 2017, with $551 billion for the Pentagon’s base budget and $59 billion in war funding.

However, the White House opposes a funding maneuver that could boost 2017 defense spending without a similar increase in non-defense spending.

The bill would see about $18 billion from the war funding account shifted to the Pentagon’s base budget to pay for more troops, training and maintenance, and weapons the services want……


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