Is This THE Link To British jihadi Fighting For ISIS In Syria And Garland Texas Gunmen?


  • Texas gunman urged his followers to read messages by British jihadi just hours before the Garland terror attack
  • Junaid Hussain responded by praising the shooting at the art exhibition 
  • He appeared to know details of the attack before information was released 
  • 21-year-old was jailed in 2012 for stealing information about Tony Blair
  • Birmingham-born jihadi later fled to Syria and has been involved in a number of serious cyber attacks by the terrorist group 

The two gunmen who carried out ISIS’ first terror attack on American soil are feared to have been groomed online by a Syria-based British jihadi who was once jailed for stealing Tony Blair’s personal details.

Just hours before the shooting in Garland, Texas took place, a Twitter account understood to belong to gunman Elton Simpson, 31, demanded readers follow a second account controlled by a notorious ISIS fighter who uses the nom de guerre Abu Hussain al-Britani.

That man is known to be Junaid Hussain, 21 – a former computer hacker turned jihadi who joined ISIS after fleeing his home city of Birmingham in 2013.

And within minutes of the first bullets being fired and while details of the attack were still vague, Hussain posted messages praising the gunmen as Muslim ‘brothers’ and revealed their target had been a exhibition where artists were drawing pictures of the Prophet Mohammed.

The digital connection between Simpson and Hussain raises the chilling prospect that the Briton may well have known about the Texas terror attack in advance.

Details of the online relationship between Simpson and Hussain emerged as ISIS militants claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack, which left 57-yer-old security …….



The British jihadi fighting for ISIS in Syria who ‘groomed’ Texas Muhammed cartoon gunmen for terror group’s first attack on US soil | Daily Mail Online

Abu Hussain

British jihadi fighting for ISIS in Syria and Garland Texas gunmen


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