Is this the man We the People need in the White House



“At a time when we are desperately in need of another strong leader like Reagan, the behind the scenes power brokers are yet again trying to force men like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie down our collective throats…men who long ago abandoned the conservative base.  The base of men and women who believe as I do that we must return to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

Thankfully, by the Grace of God, I believe we have this generation’s Reagan in our midst right now.  He is a well-known commodity and possesses exactly what we need in the areas of leadership, guts, common sense, vision, and the ability to instill fear and respect in our enemies…the kind of fear that Ronald Reagan instilled even before he took the oath of office, which resulted in the Iran hostage crisis ending on that very day!

Is today’s man perfect?  Far from it.  Has he done some things I don’t agree with?  You bet. But, just like Reagan back then who also wasn’t perfect, ask me if I think there is a more qualified individual, ask me if I know of any other leader that loves America as much, or if there’s anyone more prepared to take that 3:00 am call.  Ask me if there’s anyone else I’d rather be in a foxhole with when all hell breaks loose, or if I know of another leader that I would entrust the safety of my grandchildren to, and the answer is a flat out, NO.  

Here’s why. ” (Continue reading at the link below)

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