Is This Why Joe Biden Left The Race For President?

Thanks to Donna Brazile outing Hillary Clinton’s takeover of the DNC, we may have a new idea as to what else might have factored into Vice President Joe Biden and the decision not to run for President. Has the VP struggled with personal tragedy, the knowledge that Hillary was in total control might have had a very chilling effect. Read these thoughts on the subject.

As Written By John Podhoretz for the New York Post:

The stunning revelation by longtime operative Donna Brazile that the Hillary Clinton campaign secretly took control — literal control — of the Democratic National Committee a year before Hillary became the party’s nominee is the talk of American politics.

As it should be.

Brazile’s piece in Politico describes her shock at the discovery of formal legal paperwork between the two entities when she took the reins at the DNC in August 2016. Brazile had been tapped for the job when DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign. Leaked emails had shown how Schultz had been putting her finger on the scale to help Clinton while the insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign was making a serious bid to seize the party nomination away from New York’s favorite carpetbagger.

Her account features ridiculous and unbelievable melodramatics — she says she “gasped” when she found out the truth and that she “lit a candle in my living room and put on some gospel music” to calm her before she called Sanders to deliver the awful news.

But silly though Brazile’s prose is, her account is vitally important not only for all those who want to understand how American politics works but also for the future of Brazile’s beloved party.

First, it raises key questions about what was happening as Clinton faced a time of trial in …..


Did Hillary’s rigging at the DNC push Biden out of the race? | New York Post

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