Is Tillerson About To Be Replaced?

President Donald Trump seems to be undecided as to the future of his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Some days the Trump support of Tillerson seems to be okay. Other days, you are sure that Trump may fire him at any moment. Why is this happening? Both the left and right sides of the aisle are critical of Trump’s behavior.

Could it be that the business mogul side of Trump requires him to be in total charge? Maybe it is the behavior within the State Department’s shadow government that is causing Tillerson to feel the heat. If Tillerson cannot control his State Department to fulfill the President’s agenda, maybe the President can hire someone else who can get the job done. 

As Written By REUTERS and reported on by Newsmax:

President Donald Trump said he was unsure whether his top diplomat, Rex Tillerson, would remain in his post for the rest of Trump’s term in the White House and was “not happy” that some State Department staff were not supporting his agenda.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News late Thursday, Trump attacked the department under Secretary of State Tillerson and said he alone determines U.S. foreign policy.

“The one that matters is me,” Trump said. “I’m the only one that matters because, when it comes to it, that’s what the policy is going to be.”

Asked if he planned to keep Tillerson on board for the rest of his term, Trump told Fox, “Well, we’ll see. I don’t know.”

Trump left on Friday on a trip to Asia with Tillerson following months of conflict between the two.

Trump’s comments drew criticism in Congress, where many fellow Republicans have joined Democrats in objecting to Trump’s plan to slash spending on diplomacy and foreign aid, and his failure to fill key foreign ….


REFILE-UPDATE 1-Trump Says Unsure If Tillerson Will Remain Secretary of State

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