Is Wall Street’s Record Run About To End?

Wall Street’s record run has been a feature of the Trump administration ever since coming into office. Observers and analysts call these things “bubbles.” I guess that is because bubbles burst eventually. The talking heads might call it a Market Correction or some other term. Why then do they think that the Trump Bubble is about to burst? Will the Tax Reform Bill be a cause for concern? Maybe. And that is not all … …

As Written By John Crudele for the New York Post:

Mr. Bull Market keeps charging ahead. But is its run about to end?

The stock market has been in a bubble for years. I’m not the only one saying that — others, including many with loads of Wall Street experience and tons of dollars at risk, have said so, too.

But I have also said that bubbles are nice while they last and that investors should enjoy this one as long as they think they can get out in time. (Don’t even give that a moment’s thought because once the bubble starts popping, you won’t get out in time.)

The market has had a couple of down weeks in a row, so I think it’s time to discuss what the end of this bull market might feel like and what might cause the euphoria in stocks to become exhausted.

Stock prices did rebound a bit on Monday, with the Dow Jones industrials rising 72.09 points to close at 23,430.33. That’s not far from its record close of 23,563.36 on Nov. 8.

But Monday’s Dow gain comes after the 30-stock index and the Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes recorded their first consecutive-week losing streak since August. And people who psychoanalyze Wall Street are worried that the market looks tired and that the rally in prices is self-destructing on low volume and a lack of enthusiasm.

This week won’t be a good one to judge what the future holds.

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, the week will be shortened to 3½ days of trading, but actually only two full days since the bulk of traders take…..


Why Wall Street’s record run may soon come to an end | New York Post

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