ISIS controls Al-Baghdadi and human supplies, isolated residents die waiting for help

“US forces have landed in al-Habbaniya air base,” said Saadon Shehan, a blogger from al-Ramadi, the provincial capital of al-Anbar province in western Iraq.

The target of the Marines supposed operation is to cut a major funding source to ISIS by ending its control of the border area. It is estimated that ISIS makes $150,000 daily by collecting money from travelers using the Iraqi – Jordanian highway.

 By Riyadh Mohammed for TFT (The Fiscal Times)

“The people of the residential compound are now under ISIS control. They are urging the government to help them. There are more than a thousand families there. All phone and Internet communication have been cut. Al-Baghdadi is totally isolated from the rest of the world now,” sheikh al-Obaidi added.

Communication is the least that the people of al-Baghdadi worry about. With ISIS in charge, all kinds of human supply into the town have been stopped as a means to break the city resistance. Food, medicine, water, electricity and fuel have been withheld by ISIS.

“The people of al-Baghdadi are living in a true tragedy. They are facing death in every way: hunger, thirst, diseases and the extreme cold,” said sheikh al-Obaidi. Three children died today after drinking unclean water. Dozens of others were hospitalized.

“The Iraqi government is responsible for the lives of those executed by ISIS or still prisoners…. It has never answered our requests carried by formal and tribal delegations to Baghdad to act and save 50,000 people under ISIS siege in al-Baghdadi.  As if we are all sentenced to genocide,” said sheikh Qatari al-Semermed, another tribal leader of al-Obaid tribe in the town.

In Baghdad, a special force is on its way to al-Baghdadi – but the people there still have to die waiting.



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