ISIS has new face for its terror propaganda and it’s MIND BLOWING

When it comes to propaganda, ISIS will use any and every tool within its control. If they will use innocent women and children as shields, it is no great issue for them to use a 10-year-old boy in their propaganda. After all, Hollywood has always used children and animals to gain the sympathy vote for their movies. They even claim that this boy is an American and a United States military dependent. How bad is that?

As Written By Rowan Scarborough for The Washington Times:

A new face of the Islamic State is a 10-year-old American boy the terror army claims came to Syria two years ago with his mother from the United States.

In a new ISIL propaganda video, the boy is identified as an American citizen named “Yusuf” and says he is the son of a U.S. service member who deployed to Iraq.

“This battle is not going to end in Raqqa or Mosul. It’s going to end in your lands,” the boy says.

He looks straight at the camera lens to deliver an anti-Donald Trump diatribe, speaking in what sounds like Americanized English. He is shown living among the residences and destruction of Raqqa, the central Syrian city that ISIL claimed as the capital of its Muslim caliphate…….


ISIS new face of propaganda: 10-year-old American boy – Washington Times

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