ISIS parades 21 captive soldiers in cages through town: VIDEO

VIA REUTERS: 11:30PM ET 2/23/15

“These caged men are purportedly 21 Peshmerga soldiers, captured by Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq — wearing the now familiar orange jumps suits of Islamic State prisoners. Islamic State reportedly paraded the men through a town in Kirkuk province. Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been fighting IS in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq for months. With the help of airstrikes from US led coalition aircraft, the Pershmerga have managed to recapture much of the territory they lost to Islamic State last summer. But Islamic State says the fight is far from over. And through elaborately staged propaganda events like this, the extremist Islamist group wants to let its enemies know — they’re a force to be feared.

ISIS parades 21 captive soldiers in cages through town VIDEO.

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