ISIS takes devastating blow; this could change EVERYTHING

The terrorists formerly known as “the jayvee team” are once again showing themselves not to be so. ISIS has displayed the capacity to hold terrain and they have a designated capitol, Raqqa in Syria.

ISIS Libya Chemical Weapons

As Written By Allen B. West:

They’ve generated revenue — thanks to our recalcitrance in disrupting their flow of black market oil. We reported here this week on the capture of the head of the ISIS chemical weapons unit — a former acolyte of Saddam Hussein. And don’t forget the indecisive John Kerry who can’t determine if the intended slaughter of Christians by ISIS is genocide or not. It’s a sad way that history repeats itself, and here we are again with the United States of America on the wrong side.

And now we have further evidence of exactly how well organized ISIS is with their global recruiting efforts. As reported by Fox News, “Germany’s federal criminal police said Thursday they are in possession of files containing personal data on members of the extremist Islamic State group and believe them to be authentic.

The announcement came after Britain’s Sky News reported it had obtained 22,000 Islamic State files on the border with Turkey and Syria, files that detail ISIS fighters’ real names, where they were from, telephone numbers, and even names of those who sponsored and recruited the militants.

Sky said the files were passed on to them on a memory stick stolen from the head of Islamic State’s internal security police by a former fighter who had grown disillusioned with the group. Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported it had also obtained “dozens” of similar files on the Turkey-Syria border, where it said Islamic State files and videos were widely available from anti-ISIS Kurdish fighters and also members of the Islamic State group itself.”

Though the significance of these files is yet to be gauged, they could be the largest yet treasure trove of documents found on ISIS and the most significant leak on its past and present fighters and operations across the Mideast.

They could also shape the campaign against the extremist group, which emerged from Al Qaeda in Iraq. The cache, exposing its members and their families, could undermine its future ability to recruit and inspire would-be members.

US Army Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State, said the information could help the coalition fight the Islamic State group by aiding in a crack-down on ISIS’s foreign fighter networks.

“This would allow the law enforcement apparatus across the world to become much more engaged and begin to help do what we can to stem this flow of foreign fighters — so we’re hopeful that its accurate and if so we certainly plan to do everything we can to help,” he said.”

The files are actually 23-question “job applications” for ISIS. NBC reports The questions start off mundane — name, nickname, date of birth, education — and then shift to the more sinister.


ISIS just took a devastating blow; this could change EVERYTHING… – Allen B. West –

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