ISIS To Become Pirates of The Mediterranean?

In a startling new piece of information, The Telegraph reports that ISIS, or ISIL, wants its own Navy. What do you think the objective would be? Why it would be Mediterranean commerce and cruise ships, of course. This will bear close watching by the free world’s navies as well as preemptive action to keep them from ever sailing. Read more in this article.

A senior NATO naval officer says the rise of the militant group in Libya is casting a shadow over shipping in the Mediterranean.

Isil ‘wants its own navy for attacks on cruise ships in the Mediterranean’

cruise ship

Islamic State militants hope to build a maritime arm that could carry out attacks in the Mediterranean, a senior Nato Naval officer has warned.

The march of Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil) along the Libyan coast has cast an “uncomfortable shadow” across shipping said Vice-Adml Clive Johnstone.

The spread of sophisticated Russian and Chinese weapons to armed groups in the region also means there is now the “horrible opportunity” a cruise liner or container ship could be hit, the commander of Nato’s maritime command warned.

Libya’s collapse into chaos and Isil’s seizure of the coastal city of Sirte has prompted alarm in Europe, with countries including Britain and Italy considering sending thousands of troops to train local forces.


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