Islamic jihadists are changing their tactics, what has to change to meet them? Here’s what I’d do

by Allen West 

We continue to fight against the progressive socialist left’s assault on the second amendment. Just yesterday we reported how the ATF and EPA are seeking to constrain ammunition supply as a means to gun control. After all without ammunition a handgun is just a hammer and a rifle is nothing more than a bat.

But here’s something the Bloombergs of the world won’t address or accept — when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

And that’s apparently what’s happening across the Atlantic. As reported by the Washington Post, “Europe, a continent long known for the rarity of gun violence, is confronting twin challenges that give the issue sudden urgency: a growing population of radicalized young men (meaning Islamic jihadists) determined to strike targets close to home, and a black market awash in high-powered weapons.

The problem has been rendered vividly in recent weeks by a pair of deadly assaults that each paralyzed a European capital. In Paris and Copenhagen, the attacks were carried out by former small-time criminals turned violent extremists (meaning Islamic jihadists) who obtained military-grade illicit weapons with apparent ease.



Europe’s strict gun control has done nothing to stop jihadists – Allen B. West –



So the question has to be, if the Islamic jihadists are changing their tactics, what has to change to meet them?

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