It is 2018 and Russian meddling has been discovered ….. again

The cry of “The Russians are Coming!” just went up in Texas as proof of Russian meddling with the Texas Democrat Convention has just been uncovered. It wasn’t just one or two Russians, it was Four Dozen! What were they going to do, nominate their own candidate? The discovery was made as applications for the convention were being reviewed for approval. There were some suspicious things noticed and then a closer look was made. Who do you think was notified? You are not going to believe this.

As Written and Reported by Anna Giaritelli for the Washington Examiner:

U.S. intelligence officers say they have reason to believe as many as 50 undercover Russian citizens tried to register to attend the Texas Democratic Convention in what appears to be the first known attempt to meddle in the 2018 election, according to a report published Thursday.

“In the context of what we already know, the Texas case points to the broader Russian effort,” one senior intelligence official told NBC.

Exactly four dozen people tried to register for the Austin, Texas, convention and are not residents of Travis County or even Texas.

The group of wannabe attendees are also not American citizens and their attempt to go to the convention is similar to previous Russian attempts to sneak into other U.S. election-related events, two current and three former senior intelligence officers told NBC.

Event officials in Austin say they made an unusual discovery earlier this year after noticing a number of applications to attend were not completely filled out or contained information that was obviously false.

Twenty-five of the applications contained email addresses that ended with “,” which indicates the online message was sent from a domain in Russia. Of those 25, all appear to be ……


Texas sees first known attempt of Russian meddling in 2018 US elections: Report

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