It Is Past Time ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ Did Something About This!

Doesn’t it seem weird that these massive, PUBLICLY traded, companies are so easily allowed to make bias left-based whims as they see fit? I know, I know… it’s their business and we just have to put up with it, right? Well… as I emphasized before, what if it’s a public company? Where different people from many different backgrounds own a piece of their pie?

That’s what I have a problem with, in a sense. Are they even asking their shareholders how they feel about their left-agenda-based moves?

And beyond that, they’ve managed to create these massive companies that seek to control what you see and hear each in their way. It’s essentially a monopoly that appears to have gone unnoticed on the whole.

Isn’t it time WE THE PEOPLE did something about that?

As Written and Reported By Michael Walsh for PJ Media:

Back in July, in this space, I warned about the dangers of the emerging tech monopolies, principally the weaponizing of Amazon via its ownership of the Washington Post.

In the background, but very much part of the conversation, is Amazon’s engorgement on the  The Washington Post company, a once-honored (Watergate!) news organization that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos essentially bought for parts — the main part being the still-influential newspaper in the Imperial City of Washington, D.C. This isn’t so much of a financial investment as a form of protection money — although  Bezos had the chutzpah recently to whine about the deleterious effect of Google and Facebook on print’s advertising base, and to make a pitch to the U.S. government for anti-trust protection.

Needless to say, a lot of readers begged to differ, citing the big, big savings and ease of shopping Amazon provides. At the same time, however, Amazon is keeping tabs on you, monitoring your purchases, pushing other products on you and, in the form of the hideous Alexa, listening in on you while you sleep. Throw in the electronic snooping of Facebook, Google and your iPhone, and we’re heading for an Orwellian nightmare the shape of which is just now becoming apparent, even on the Left:


Four companies dominate our daily lives unlike any other in human history: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. We love our nifty phones and just-a-click-away services, but these behemoths enjoy unfettered economic domination and hoard riches on a scale not seen since the monopolies of the gilded …..


Time to Break Up the Big Four | Unexamined Premises


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