It’s not Russian influence, but it might be almost as bad

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is pursuing a $15 million deal involving Mike Flynn and it is all based on hearsay? That is what you will discover in this article. The charges have been made against Mike Flynn, but nit by people who have direct knowledge of the events. It all has to do with giving a Muslim cleric back to Turkey. There are a lot of factors that seem to put the lie to these charges. read them all here.

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

It’s not Russian influence, but it might be almost as bad. Both the Wall Street Journal and NBC News report this morning that special counsel Robert Mueller has focused on former Gen. Michael Flynn and his son for a reported deal to allow Turkey to get their hands on exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen. The deal reportedly involved a $15 million payday for Flynn and his son Michael Jr — and was being put together during the Trump transition after the election:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating an alleged plan involving former White House National Security Adviser Mike Flynn to forcibly remove a Muslim cleric living in the U.S. and deliver him to Turkey in return for millions of dollars, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Under the alleged proposal, Mr. Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn Jr., were to be paid as much as $15 million for delivering Fethullah Gulen to the Turkish government, according to people with knowledge of discussions Mr. Flynn had with Turkish representatives. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has pressed the U.S. to extradite him, views the cleric as a political enemy.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have asked at least four individuals about a meeting in mid-December at the ‘21’ Club in New York City, where Mr. Flynn and representatives of the Turkish government discussed removing Mr. Gulen, according to people with knowledge of the FBI’s inquiries. The discussions allegedly involved the possibility of transporting Mr. Gulen on a private jet to the Turkish prison island of Imrali, according to one of the people who has spoken to the ……..


Did Flynn cut a $15 million deal with the Turks – during the transition? – Hot Air Hot Air

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